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Chaplain Contracts




A Chaplain refers to a duly qualified person who has been appointed in accordance with nationally agreed procedures in a school/college/scheme, subject to the fulfilment of the duties as set down.

1.         Parties:

Employee:       <Full name of employee>

Address:          <Insert address>

Employer:        <Full name of employee>

Address:          <Insert address>

2.         Title:  You will be employed as a Chaplain on a full-time permanent contract.

3.         Nature of Post: The purpose of the contract is to provide chaplaincy services.  This includes the teaching of <X number of hours and/or minutes> in <named subject/s> to a maximum of four contracted hours per week.

4.         Hours of Attendance

Your times of attendance will be as conveyed to you by your Principal. Your scheduled class contact hours per week are no more than four hours. Ordinarily the Chaplain is expected to be in attendance each day that the school is in operation. The post of Chaplain is a whole-time post which requires flexibility and, on occasion, service outside of school hours.

5.         Commencement date of permanent contract: Your employment with <named employer> will commence on <insert date>.

6.         Duration of Contract:  The chaplain will be employed by <Named school/ETB> on a permanent contract.

This contract, in so far as it relates to the role of the Chaplain is subject to the existing       condition that it may be terminated by the employer and in line with agreed procedures set down by the Department of Education & Skills.

7.         Employment Probation Period: This appointment will be subject to the satisfactory completion of probation in the first year.  The probation procedure of the relevant school/ETB concerned in relation to teachers will apply including provisions for extension or termination of probation.

8.         Duties: Your main duties are set out in appendix 1. In addition to your normal duties, you may be required to undertake other duties appropriate and reasonable to your position as may be assigned to you from time to time, by your Principal/employer.

In your role as Chaplain you will be required to carry out the professional duties appropriate to a permanent wholetime teacher in so far as they relate to the contracted teaching and non-teaching duties.

9.         Place of work: Your principal place of work is <insert details>.

10.       Reporting/Accountability Relationship

You shall report and be accountable to the Principal/EO/CEO as appropriate, for your duties in so far as they relate to your role as Chaplain.  In your role as Chaplain you will receive support, guidance and advice from your employer and by a person/s on behalf of the Competent Religious Authority.

11.       Registration with the Teaching Council: In accordance with Section 30 of the Teaching Council Act, 2001, you are required to be registered with the Teaching Council and to maintain your registration with the Teaching Council of Ireland for the duration of this contract. 

12.       Remuneration: The salary scale attaching to the position is the teachers’ common basic scale together with appropriate allowances as determined by the Department of Education and Skills. 

Statutory deductions will be made. Payment will be made in arrears, on a fortnightly/monthly (delete as appropriate) basis, by direct transfer to a bank account nominated by you.

13.       Superannuation / Pension arrangements: Superannuation / pension arrangements shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the relevant pension scheme for teachers as determined from time to time by the Minister for Education and Skills. You will be covered by the terms of the relevant Superannuation Scheme.  You will be required to contribute to the scheme. Details of the Superannuation Scheme are available from your employer.

14.       Retirement age: Retirement age shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the relevant superannuation / pension scheme for teachers as determined from time to time by the Minister for Education and Skills.

15.       Travel and subsistence allowance:  Travel and subsistence allowance will be paid by the school/ETB concerned in respect of necessary journeys authorised by management in accordance with regulations as set out by the Department of Education and Skills.

16.       Leave arrangements:

16.1     Annual leave shall be granted in accordance with the conditions laid down by the Minister for Education and Skills from time to time, for permanent whole-time teachers. 

16.2     Self-certified Sick leave: Certified and uncertified sick leave which may be granted will be as determined by the Department of Education and Skills.  <Named employer> reserves the right, in appropriate circumstances, to arrange that an independent medical assessment be carried out.

16.3     Maternity / Adoptive / Carers/ Parental / Force Majeure / Unpaid / Career break /Job sharing Leave:   Such leave may be granted in accordance with the relevant legislation and as set out in circular letters issued from time to time by the Department of Education and Skills. 

17.       Professional standards: The chaplain will be expected to abide by the Codes of Professional Conduct for Teachers issued by the Teaching Council and, in the case of chaplains employed by ETBs, the Code of Ethics for ETB Staff. Chaplains employed by Community or Comprehensive Schools, will be expected to abide by the standard codes of practice as determined by their employer.

18.       Posts of Responsibility: The Chaplain is entitled to apply for Posts of Responsibility.

19.       Policies & Procedures: The chaplain will be required to adhere to the policies/procedures of <Named school/ETB> which may change from time to time.  These policies/procedures are available from your employer.

20.       Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures: Nationally agreed grievance and disciplinary procedures shall apply. 

Current procedures are available from the ETB’s Human Resources’ Department, can be accessed in the staff handbook, staff intranet and/or on the school/ETB/r Department of Education and Skills’ website.

21.       Health and Safety: <Insert name of employer>is committed to ensuring the safety, health and welfare of its staff and, to this end, a safety statement has been prepared setting out all the safety arrangements which are in force.  All staff at <insert name of school/ETB> have a legal obligation in relation to Safety, Health and Welfare at work and are required to follow the guidelines contained in the <Insert name of employer’s> safety regulations / safety statement. 

You are obliged to familiarise yourself with the <insert name of employer> safety regulations / safety statement arrangements in relation to your own employment and you have a responsibility to adhere to these at all times.

22.       External work not associated with the role of chaplain: The employer must be notified of all external work engaged in by the Chaplain.  Such external work must not be such as to interfere with the fulfilling of the chaplain’s duties and responsibilities to the school/ETB. 

23.     Confidentiality: You shall not discuss or disclose any information of a confidential nature except in the proper course of your employment.

24.       Data Protection: All personal data held with respect to the teacher will be processed in accordance with the school/ETB’s data protection policy, retention schedule and subject access procedure, and in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Acts.

25.       Records/Property of Named School/ETB: You shall not remove any records belonging to the <Insert name of employer> from the employer’s premises at any time without proper advance authorisation.  You will return to the <insert name of employer> upon request and, in any event, upon the termination of your employment, all records and property belonging to the <Insert name of employer> which are in your possession or under your control.

26.       Notice: This contract is terminable by the chaplain by one month’s notice in writing.

27.       Collective Agreements: The terms and conditions of this employment may be revised in accordance with direction from the Minister/Department of Education & Skills and/or national collective agreements applicable to this category of staff. 

28.       Declarations and Signatures: I have read and fully understand the forgoing contract of employment and I agree to be bound by the terms of this contract.  I further warrant that all statement and representations which I have made are true and correct. 

SIGNED: ________________________________ (Employee)

DATE: ________________________________

SIGNED: ________________________________ (Employer

DATE:  ________________________________