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The School Chaplains'Association - Constitution

Conference Motions

(for adoption by the SCA) it must be received, in writing, by the Secretary 28 days prior to Conference (to ensure that it can be circulated to members along with details of the AGM ).

Any Constitutional Amendment must be received, in writing, by the Secretary, 28 days before Conference AGM.


Article 1 Purpose

1.a  The Official name of the Association is Cumann na Scoile / School Chaplains Association (hereafter referred to as S.C.A.)

1.b  The purpose is to assist Post-Primary School Chaplains in their ministry.

Article 2 Membership

2.a  The School Chaplains Association is open to all full-time and part-time chaplains in second level schools and colleges and student, former and retired chaplains.

2.b  A chaplain becomes a member of S.C.A. through the payment of an annual membership fee. It entitles the member to vote and to be proposed for Executive Office.

2.c  Reduced membership fee for student, former and retired chaplains with no voting rights but full entitlements to attend all activities provided by the association.

Article 3 A.G.M.

3.a  An Annual General Meeting will be held between 1st September and 31st December of each year.

3.b  Notice of the A.G.M. will be furnished to all members at least fourteen days before the date of the A.G.M.

Article 4 Executive

4.a The Executive of the Association will consist of nine members, two thirds of whom must be full members and will be duly elected at the Annual General Meeting. Candidates must first be nominated and seconded before their election

takes place. The election will be conducted by secret ballot of members eligible to vote who are present at the A.G.M.

4.b  Members of the Executive will be elected for a term of three years.

4.c  At its first meeting after each A.G.M. the Executive will elect its officers; namely, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, P.R.O.

4.d  An officer may not hold one office for more than three consecutive years.

4.e  A quorum for a meeting of the Executive will consist of five members of the Executive, including either the Chairperson or the Vice-Chairperson.

4.f  Where a vacancy occurs on the Executive subsequent to an AGM the Executive will be empowered to co-opt a replacement who shall become a full member of the Executive until the next Annual General Meeting.

4.g  All Executive documents (minutes, accounts and correspondence) pertaining to the S.C.A. are the property of the S.C.A. under the care of the elected Executive and its successors.

4.h  All documents as per 4.g shall be deposited permanently in the Association’s archive.

4.i  The Chairperson will furnish the A.G.M. with a report of the Executive's work during the preceding year.

4.j  The Treasurer will furnish the A.G.M. with a detailed financial report.

4.k  The annual financial report to the A.G.M. will include an audit of all accounts conducted by a professional and independent auditor.

4.l  In order to maintain the continuity and transparency of association accounts the Executive will engage a professional firm to conduct same for a minimum period of three years at a time.

Article 5 Communication

5.a  The S.C.A. will make provision for regional meetings to further the aims of the association.

5.b  A network of communication among the members of relevant bodies in the furtherance of its aims.

Article 6 Constitution

6.a  An amendment to the constitution of the School Chaplains Association will require a majority of two-thirds plus one of members attending an A.G.M. for adoption.

6.b  Notice of a proposed Amendment must be furnished in writing to the Secretary (or named substitute) not less than twenty eight days before the date of the A.G.M. It will be then circulated to all the membership, with the notice of the A.G.M.

Amended, approved and adopted at A.G.M. 15/10/16